By Alice Grand  for

I am now on Google+! I just set up my page the other day. I really like it. There is something very clean and fresh about it. The photos are much larger on the top of the page which allows for a full viewing of whatever is in your pictures. You group people into circles. In other words, you would have a friend's circle and a going out to clubs circle. You can have any kind of circles you choose. What I realized is that it will be great for people who don't want everyone seeing everything. For instance, a person can have a separate family circle that is kept apart from their friends circle. In this way you have privacy from one circle to another. The news feed in one circle is different from the news feed in another circle. I have a knitting circle and a following circle as well. You must check it out. You will see what I mean. Just as wonderful as Facebook is in it's own way, Google+ has something special and unique about it. I almost forgot, you can post huge pictures down the page in the news feed if you want! 
We all know who the founder of Social Media is, it's just nice when something comes along that's fresh and new.
I have had encounters and dealings with Google ever since I started setting up my website in June 2011. I have never met finer, more accommodating people in any business in my life. Whether it was Google Adsense or Google Adwords or whichever other section of Google I was in contact with, everyone there has been nice to me. In case you didn't know it, Google also owns Youtube. You keep going Google, you're doing it right!!!!!!!

Alice Grand of Grand Knits New York